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Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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eBuddy is actually your IMBuddy. It is a freeware multi-messenger, meaning you will be able to sign through a single messenger in several other places such as on Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, AIM, GTalk and inevitably on Facebook. This way you can interact with your friends from a single place instead of signing in and keeping up with all these platforms.

eBuddy started as an web messenger only (initially called e-Messenger) but added support for mobiles and multi-messenger capabilities. Right now there are 5 different versions of eBuddy: eBuddy Web Messenger, eBuddy Mobile Messenger, eBuddy for iPhone and iPod Touch, eBuddy for Android and eBuddy ID.

After you have created your eBuddy ID, you can select which accounts to connect to and your online status or other options. What Pidgin and Trillian do for the desktop PC, eBuddy Mobile messenger does for mobile phones. What sets eBuddy apart from other multi-im clients are these core features:

  • Chat with your friends over multiple clients. Do you have some friends that use Windows Live Messenger, while others are using Yahoo Messenger or Facebook? No problem, eBuddy MM allows you to talk to them from a single place.
  • Send pictures through chat windows. You can snap a photo with your phone and have it sent directly to your friends via the chat option.
  • Use snapshot as avatar. And not a criptic avatar, but rather a photo of yourself, as you can take your photo with your camera phone and you’ll be able to use that as an avatar. Which doesn’t mean you have to take a photo of your face…
  • Offline mobile messages. Even if your friends are not online, you can send them via eBuddy Mobile Messenger a message and they’ll receive it next time when they log in.

It supports over 15 phone manufacturers, so the chances that your phone isn’t supported are very slim. And even if your phone isn’t shown you can download and try installing it, as you might have the surprise that it already works. eBuddy is indeed your mobile buddy and shouldn’t be missing from your phone, of course that if I were to add something to the wishlist, that would be the support for Skype accounts (given that Skype has yet to provide a mobile client that works well on all phones) and the ability to send voiceclips, such as Windows Live Messenger does.

eBuddy Mobile Messenger has been developed by eBuddy to bring the users a complete chat and instant messaging application for their mobile phones regardless of the platform. The client can support all the account types such as Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, AIM, Google Talk etc. Additional features:

- Multiple accounts can be added in a single list.

- Pictures can be saved and sent directly from the camera

- The avatar can be set with the camera phone.

- Offline messages support.

System Requirements:

No special requirements

eBuddy Mobile Messenger  Free Download screenshot